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FFL BD Foundation is working for the betterment of the society

PBA, Barisal: On July 2, a group of enterprising people, with many honest motives, goals and aspirations, started a different religious organization whose thinking was only about the development of the neglected people of the society. The organization has been doing various social and humanitarian tasks since its inception. The organization first started a virtual journey called ‘Friends for Life’.

Since its inception, the organization has been conducting blood donation programs, cleanliness operations, distribution of clothes and food items to help the flood-affected helpless people, distribution of blankets among the visually impaired and the disadvantaged, distribution of Eid materials among the disabled, and standing beside the helpless patients. The organization has been praised for its extensive work in just two years.

The organization provided financial support for the treatment of Henra, a sick wife of Mobashwara Howlader, of Chhatrakanda village in Jhalakathi Sadar upazila, who was diagnosed with liver and kidney disease in the past. In the same year, they distribute semen and dry food to about 3,000 flood-hit people. Every year, they distribute semen to the winter. Initially, they faced difficulties in managing their organization. However, their unstoppable will could not accept them.

Despite the many obstacles, they continued their work slowly and succeeded as they intended. In the future, it plans to do a better job for the society. In Barisal, the Koran education for the visually impaired, the moral education of the workers of the ghats, the negative behavior of the students in schools and colleges has been implemented by the program. Meanwhile, the FFL BD Foundation has taken a position among the government affiliated organizations.

The organization also has a Facebook group. They organize their events by opening various events on Facebook. On the 21st, Joint Stock Companies and Farms received registration with the Society Act under the name FFL BD Foundation.

Foundation member Shahriar Mahfouz Sravan said, “If the work is small but if it is able to bring a smile to the face of the people, then how does one feel in the heart.” Come on, let’s change ourselves into smaller, better things. FF’s BD Foundation is working on non-profit and non-profit social welfare and human welfare. Various people, including education, have received a lot of praise.

The founding president of the foundation, Prof. Shah Sajeda, said that the FFL BD Foundation is a crop of honest and helpless people. He said union power can create awareness. Professor Shah Sajeda said that we were trying to stop anti-drug and anti-drug activities. We have exchanged views with students, parents and teachers for creating awareness in Barisal Government Syed Hatem Ali College and Barisal Government Model School and College. He sought the cooperation of all to further the activities of the Foundation.

Mamunur Rashid Nomani, the founding general secretary of the organization, said that the Friends for Life BD Foundation will always work for the development of the society. He said, “If everyone works together in a cohesive manner, it will succeed. We do various types of social development work. As human beings, one should be on the other side in danger. We work in the wilderness for the underprivileged. Serving people is our main purpose. We want other people in the society to be encouraged by our actions. Everyone from everywhere should come forward to help. Then there will be no problem. She said the paper continues to try to make people with vision impairments train them. The Friends for Life BD Foundation is also working to improve the lives of the visually impaired.

Sajjad Parvez, senior officer and district probation officer of the Barisal Social Services Department, said, “The activities of the FFL BD Foundation fascinated me. Each of their actions deserves praise. Especially tree planting, extensive activities on the handicapped, Koran education in the Braille system and cooperation. Former Principal of Barisal Government Model College, Major Dr Sirajul Islam, said that the FFL BD Foundation has taken the place of ordinary people by giving respect to the negative conduct of students in Model College, tree planting and cleanliness, travel, honoring the people. She wished the Foundation success and said that the FFL BD Foundation will continue to do all the good work done in the past.

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