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Friends for Life and FFL BD Foundation also distributed Eid clothes among the underprivileged in Barisal

Staff Reporter : Eid is naturally a happy day for everyone. Especially children wear new clothes and enjoy Eid. But then the disadvantaged children of the society remember the shadow of sadness. They still spend the day of Eid wearing old worn out clothes.

The FFL BD Foundation and Friends for Life, voluntary organizations working in the service of humanity, have come forward to put a smile on the faces of these children. The organization has been working for the helpless orphans and the destitute including the disadvantaged people of the society for 5 years.

On 10 May’21, the organization distributed new Eid clothes and Eid materials among disadvantaged children.
At Bangabandhu Uddan, the members of the organization spent a pleasant time with the children. Meanwhile, the organization distributed daily necessities including rice among 63 students of Palashpur Orphanage.

Touches of joy spread among the disadvantaged children after getting Eid clothes.

Regarding the event, Mamunur Rashid Nomani, executive director of the organization, said, “Every year we share the joy of Eid with poor and disadvantaged children.”
After receiving food and Eid clothes, seeing their smiling faces, our work seemed to be successful. We want to give them the joy of wearing new clothes, at least one day of Eid, not all year round. We want no child in the society to be deprived of the joy of Eid.

If every person in the society comes forward to help the poor and helpless people in this way according to their ability, then many people will be able to celebrate Eid with ease. They called upon the rich and other people of the society to come forward to help these poor and helpless people as much as possible.

In the hands of children, new clothes on the body. It is very easy to buy a shirt but it is very difficult to cause a smile on one’s face. We are making that difficult easy, that smile is spreading in the joy of our Eid. We all buy clothes as much as we can and take them to the children who can’t even think of new clothes for Eid. Do not even dream. Seeing that only the child of the other house is wearing a new shiny dress on the day of Eid. And she cries inside, crying outside. No one sees those tears. But what we’re seeing now is trying to see as much as possible. Hopefully, if this initiative continues, one day we will paint more children in new clothes during Eid.

May the shadow of peace spread and inequality be eradicated through the festival. Let’s all forget the difference between rich and poor and celebrate Eid together. May everyone’s Eid be joyful.

Rabiul was overjoyed with the new clothes. Asked how he felt, he said, “I couldn’t even think of a new dress this Eid.” I asked my father for clothes, but he was not.

These little boys don’t understand what a lockdown is in Corona. They just understand that Eid means new clothes. Eid means new food. Mamunur Rashid Nomani expressed his gratitude to all of the organization for this. He said that he feels lucky to be able to match himself among the disadvantaged children.

The FFL BD Foundation and Friends for Life have been working on social and humanitarian issues since their commitment to society.

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