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Distribution of FFL BD Foundation masks on the streets and launch docks of Barisal

sohel rana : HM Haider Ali, an advisor to the FFL BD Foundation and a well-known actor, took to the streets to raise awareness about coronavirus in collaboration with Friends for Life, an initiative of the FFL BD Foundation.

Coronavirus panic is now worldwide. All educational institutions in the country have been declared closed. Corona is affecting everywhere. HM Haider Ali, a famous actor from FFL BD Foundation, distributed masks among rickshaw pullers, foot traders, street children and working people in different areas including launch ghat and Charkaua ferry ghat in Barisal. Executive Director of FFL BD Foundation Mamunur Rashid Nomani, Coordinator Nazmul Haque, Shovon Saha, Tamim and other leaders of the foundation were present at the occasion.
Distributed three hundred masks on Sunday afternoon. Actor HM Haider Ali said, “This is our small effort.” I have done as much as we can on behalf of the Foundation. Ordinary people can say to do something to increase awareness.

He said that it would be beneficial to use the mask to avoid coronavirus. Infected people are less likely to spread the mask if they use it. Again, it is better to use it for the safety of a healthy person.

Haider Ali said, “Those of us who work in the media have thousands, millions of followers. The followers also believe them. So if the media people work to raise such awareness, it will benefit the panicked common people. Many ordinary people follow the people in the media. So we are trying to spread awareness among the common people.
If this is done from everyone’s place, Corona’s panic will go away a lot. Haider Ali said Friends for Life and FFL BD Foundation have been carrying out social and humanitarian activities in different parts of the country including Barisal since 2015.

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