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Corona disaster in Barisal Giving gifts to the FFL BD Foundation

Staff Reporter:
Different countries of the world are in lockdown to deal with the outbreak of coronavirus. As a result, different countries including Bangladesh are in trouble. Due to the lockdown in Bangladesh, a large number of people do not have jobs. As a result, day laborers and helpless people are living a dehumanized life in the current situation.
There is no demand for work and no trade in business as everything is closed. As a result, thousands of people have fallen into financial crisis including food and shelter in such an emergency situation.

Considering such a situation, the FFL BD Foundation has been carrying out various social activities to prevent gifts and corona.

Food assistance was provided to half a hundred people at the FFL BD Foundation office on May 13 at 11am.
Food aid includes miniket rice, potatoes, onions, pulses, sugar, chira, boots, mudri, semai, soap, mask and hand sanitizer.
Officials and members of the FFL BD Foundation came forward for the second time during this disaster.
This gift is given with the financial support of the members. The leaders of the FD’s BD Foundation thanked those who contributed.
Such activities of the FFL BD Foundation have been praised everywhere.

Md. Anwar Hussain, Managing Director of Spark Group, Kamrul Ahsan, Cooperative Officer were present during the distribution.
FFL BD Foundation Executive Director Mamunur Rashid Nomani, Treasurer Nazmul Sunny, Shovon Saha, Member Kawsar, Syeda Sultana Happy, Sohail Rana, Mumtaz, Nusrat and others.

Commenting on the activities, Mamunur Rashid Nomani said, “Everyone should come forward to help the brothers and sisters who are in food crisis at this critical time.”
We are cooperating as much as we can in the joint efforts of the members of the FFL BD Foundation. At the same time, I would request the rich people to come forward to cooperate according to their ability.
Help those who are living in this ongoing crisis as much as possible.

The whole world is in turmoil today with the novel Coronavirus, the most devastating continent being Europe. Italy, Spain, Germany, France have been created on death! In this difficult situation, panic is also prevailing in Bangladesh.
It may be mentioned that on April 4, in the first phase, the FFL BD Foundation started various activities in Barisal to provide food aid and prevent corona.

Small effort, little ability.
As far as I can, come forward from every place,

The work may be small but if it is able to put a smile on a person’s face, it is as if a feeling is created in the heart. Let’s transform ourselves into small good deeds.

Help the helpless in this Corona disaster moment. Come forward according to the support you have.

To send donations / grants / help

01839970603 (bkash Personal)

Account Name – ffl bd foundation
united commercial bank, barisal branch
account no # 0322201000000871

Account Name – ffl youth foundation
southeast bank, barisal branch
account no # 004913100000077

Mail: fflbd18@gmail.com

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